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prepFAST 3 Third Generation High Throughput with Autodilution System

prepFAST 3

Introducing prepFAST 3

High Throughput Autodilution & Autocalibration System
The prepFAST 3 is an intelligent automation system capable of high-throughput sample injection,
reactive overrange autodilution, and autocalibration for ICP & ICPMS.
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prepFAST 3 Third Generation High Throughput with Autodilution System



Accelerates Sample Analysis for Undiluted and Diluted Samples
Ultra-high throughput for undiluted samples and full autodilution
capabilities for both prescriptive and QC-driven dilution
NEW prepFAST 3
prepFAST 3 Third Generation High Throughput with Autodilution System

SampleSense 3

SampleSense 3

Optical Sensors for Optimized Sample Analysis
Sensors automatically detect the sample and trigger ICPMS analysis, eliminating
timing parameters, improving throughput, and reducing sample consumption
NEW prepFAST 3
prepFAST 3 Third Generation High Throughput with Autodilution System


Backflushing FilterProbe

Anti-clogging FilterProbe with Backflushing
Blocks particulates from entering sample line and automatically backflushes
after each sample, preventing clogs and reducing maintenance
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prepFAST 3 Third Generation High Throughput with Autodilution System

Magnetic SnapValve

Multiposition Magnetic SnapValve

Magnetic Coupling Technology - Easy Installation & Maintenance
Effortlessly attach and detach the multi-position CTFE valve for daily usage
and maintenance procedures, eliminating the need for tools.
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ESI Acquisition of Nuclear Adapt

NEW Press Release

ESI Acquisition of Nuclear Adapt

Elemental Scientific is proud to announce the acquisition of Nuclear Adapt,
specialists in the development and production of systems and instruments to
sensitive environments, primarily in the nuclear industry. Based in Bagnols-sur-Ceze,
they have been a leader in their field for over 13 years.
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We have been advancing the art of atomic spectroscopy for over 20 years. Our focus is simple - to improve the performance and productivity of any ICP or ICPMS analysis. Our customers trust us to provide innovative solutions to increase their profitability, extend their capabilities, and push the boundaries of what’s possible.

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