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prepFAST Ultrapure Chemicals Systems

prepFAST PPQ – Automated PPQ Metals Determination

The prepFAST PPQ utilizes syringe-driven flows of UPW, semiconductor grade acids, and standard solution to automate both sample dilutions and standard curve generation. It eliminates manual handling of samples to deliver sub-ppt detection limit capabilities in direct analysis mode and sub-ppq detection limit capabilities in concentration mode.


  • Automatic external and MSA calibrations
  • Automated sample sensing
    • Accounts for viscosity and automatically adjusts timing
    • Detects and injects the sample and triggers the ICPMS
  • Automated syringe-driven sample introduction
    • Sample loading
    • Sample preparation
    • Inline dilution
    • Acid addition (direct mode only)


  • Ultraclean sample preparation
  • Integrated ultraclean sample environment
    • Includes ultraclean air shower
    • Options include:
      • ULPA (Ultrapure air) filter
      • Sample racks for PFA containers (<1 mL to 500 mL)
  • Continuously-flowing high purity UPW rinse (user-supplied UPW)
  • UPW polishing columns for low background

prepFAST PPQ Features Diagram

prepFAST PPQ Features Diagram

Direct Analysis Mode

  • Capability to analyze all semiconductor grade chemicals
  • PPT/Sub-PPT detection limits for all semiconductor elements
  • General purpose for any sample matrix
  • Automated MSA calibration
  • Automated inline dilution

Concentration Mode

  • Sub-PPQ detection limits for analysis of UPW, 30% H2O2 and IPA
  • Analyzes metals while removing difficult matrices such as IPA
  • Reduced impact of ICPMS interferences and background on results
  • Improved sensitivity
  • Automatic MSA calibration

Autocalibration in Direct Analysis Mode

Autocalibration in Direct Analysis Mode

Autocalibration in Concentration Mode

Autocalibration in Concentration Mode

PPQ Detection Limits

The prepFAST PPQ utilizes a complete in-line column pre-concentration process in order to enhance the ICPMS and drive down detection limits to world-record levels. It is capable of unprecedented sub-PPQ detection limits for the complete range of conventional ICPMS-monitored metals, with low PPQ detection limits for Boron and Phosphorous and sub-PPT detection limits for Silicon.

Shown is the detection limit table for ultrapure water, while a wider range of chemicals are capable of these levels including, but not limited to IPA and H2O2.

The prepFAST PPQ offers unparalleled, fully automated chemical process monitoring for both suppliers and end users in order to increase process yield. Issues of continuously lowering industry detection limit requirements are resolved by the routine online monitoring capabilities of the prepFAST PPQ by decreasing contamination from external sources, improving detection limits using an ultraclean concentration system, and producing regular real-time data.

Detection Limits

Product Flyer & Diagram

prepFAST PPQ Flyer Features Diagram

Product Brochure

prepFAST PPQ Brochure

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