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prepFAST Ultrapure Chemicals Systems

prepFAST CARBON – Determination of Organic Contaminants

The prepFAST CARBON has revolutionized the way ultrapure semiconductor grade chemicals are analyzed for organic contamination with TOF-MS/QTOF-MS detection. The prepFAST CARBON utilizes syringe-driven flows of UPW, semiconductor chemicals, and multiple standard solutions to automate both sample dilutions and standard curve generation. It eliminates manual handling of samples to deliver ppb/ppt detection limit capabilities. 

Organic Contaminant Analyzer

  • Quantitative analysis of targeted organic contaminants in inorganic and organic chemicals
  • Identification and semi-quantification of non-targeted compounds
  • Analysis of IPA, H2SO4, H2O, HF, H2O2, NH4OH, stripper, resist and other process chemicals
  • TOF-MS and QTOF-MS detector options

Ease of Use

  • Flexible data reporting options
  • Automatic calibration and dilution
  • Capability to select from multiple standard solutions
  • Easy-to-use software with built-in dynamic library option
  • prepFAST CARBON laboratory system complements scoutCARBON online system

Mass Spectrometric Detection

  • Ultra-high mass resolution: (±0.0001)
  • Positive and negative ion modes
  • 50-20,000 amu

prepFAST CARBON Features Diagram

prepFAST CARBON Features Diagram
Trischloroethyl Phosphate in IPA
Triethyl Phosphate in IPA
Triethyl Phosphate in H2O2
Triethylamine in H2O2
Triethyl Phosphate in UPW
Diethyl Phthalate in UPW
Bisethylhexyl Phosphate in PGMEA
Trisethylhexyl Phosphate in PGMEA

Product Flyer & Diagram

prepFAST CARBON Flyer Features Diagram

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