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Earth Sciences

Extend the boundaries of understanding the earth around us in every aspect of research and analysis in the geological sciences -from automated isotope fraction separation to in-situ ablation of fluid inclusions. Our unique and innovative solutions for isotopic and geothermochronometry samples push the limits of what's possible.

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Products & Systems

prepFAST 3

Simplifies autodilution, replaces manual dilutions, eliminates sample re-runs, and enhances laboratory productivity


Fully automated chromatography system for isotopic isolation


Fully automated sample preparation system with inline dilution

prepFAST Station

Automates & simplifies sample preparation processes such as sample dilution and standards preparation, saving your lab valuable time and money


Fully automates by-weight dilutions, resulting in improved efficiency and eliminating manual sample preparation

microFAST Isotope

Isotope ratio system that runs small volume samples at 5-1000 µL/min

Apex Omega

The highest performing ICPMS sample introduction system available

Hydride Generation Systems

Compact system that improves ICP detection limits for hydride-forming elements


Inert, chemically resistant materials for extended lifespan

pergo Argon Humidifiers

Designed for use with both ICP and ICPMS, improving concentric nebulizer performance


Automated sampling valve for ICP & ICPMS that automatically sense and inject samples

FluoroSpray/HF kits

Provides the highest performance for ultrapure chemical & geochemical sample analysis


High-speed, high-resolution imaging of geological matrices


High fluence laser ablation ICPMS for the most challenging matrices


Reduce thermal effects and deliver the highest quality analytical data


High resolution milling to recover sample powder for chemical and isotopic analysis


Programmed heating and fusing of minerals for noble gas and isotope ratio geochemistry

Iolite Software

The one data processing software package that does it all


Continuous operation in an aggressively chemical environment


Ideal choice for routine sample digestion


Generate ultrapure acids from inexpensive reagent acids


Protect samples from all external sources of contamination during evaporation

P’Tips Cleaner

Makes handling very safe & decreases operating cost as they can be can be used many times


Allows individual washing of containers of various shapes and sizes


Decontamination and conditioning by acid steam condensation

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