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FAST Sample Introduction Systems

When you think productivity, think FAST!

The FAST Automation Systems maximize the productivity of the ICP and ICPMS by optimizing and utilizing ALL the non-productive steps in a sample acquisition.
SampleSense Active Verification

Revolutionary Valve for FAST & prepFAST

  • Eliminates method timing parameters
  • Optimizes loading conditions for each sample matrix
  • Automatically loads loop with samples of varying viscosities
  • Reduces sample consumption
  • Actively detects and reports sample loading issues

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SampleSense Clinical

For Micro-volume Clinical Samples

  • Integrated optical sensors to automatically load, detect, and inject samples
  • Automatically triggers the instrument data acquisition
  • Ensures sample loading integrity by logging any potential failed sample loading events
  • Enhanced washout and reduction in sample volume

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SampleSense Oil

Ultra-high Throughput Oil Analysis

  • Reduces carbon buildup on torch
  • Maximizes profit per sample
  • Eliminates oil drips from sample probe
  • Improves stability for longer, more productive runs
  • Sample throughput up to 180 samples per hour

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SampleSense Soil

6 Second Mehlich-3-ICP Soil Analysis

  • 10 samples per minute Mehlich-3-ICP
  • Automatic sensing, injection, and triggering of the ICP analytical read
  • Detection and reporting of missing or empty sample tubes as “unsensed” samples
  • Adding SampleSense FAST Soil can double or even triple sample throughput

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Improves sample throughput up to 300%

  • All fluoropolymer flow path includes PFA valve rotor for long life and low maintenance
  • High speed vacuum sample loading minimizes sample uptake time
  • Improved data quality
  • Lower reagent costs
  • Lower cost of consumables and routine maintenance

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