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Scout Semiconductor Online Monitoring Systems

scoutLAB – Fully Automated Metals Laboratory

scoutLAB is a fully automated metals laboratory with integrated ICPMS for online monitoring of directly connected ultrapure semiconductor chemicals. Single-digit-ppt contaminants are immediately determined for reliable analysis of chemicals located near the scoutLAB – recirculated process chemicals, incoming or outgoing chemicals, etc.

Automated Online Monitoring

  • Fully automated collection and analysis of directly connected chemicals
  • 24/7 full facility monitoring from the laboratory environment
  • Automated calibration
  • Automated sample dilution

Automated Reporting

  • Automated calibration and generation of analytical sequence
  • Reports the data and creates trend charts
  • Sends alerts (SMS, email, facility communication, etc.)

Direct Connections

  • Capable of monitoring up to 20 directly connected chemicals
  • Eliminates manual sampling
  • Improves detection limits
  • Improves production yield


  • Nanoparticle analysis
  • Onboard autosampler for laboratory sample analysis
  • Remote sample preparation and pneumatic transfer

scoutLAB Workflow Diagram

Example diagram for direct monitoring of incoming/outgoing chemicals, chemical distribution, and production line using scoutLAB.
For longer distances or sample preparation, a remote may be added.

scoutLAB Workflow Diagram

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