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Offline Sample Preparation Stations

prepFAST Station – Offline Sample Preparation

Countless Sample Preparation Needs. One Station.

prepFAST Station automates and simplifies sample preparation processes such as sample dilution, standards preparation, and more with easily customized methods, resulting in improved results while saving your lab valuable time and money.

Never Worry About Sample Preparation Again

  • Better Results
    • Increase precision and accuracy with fully-automated sample preparation
    • Improve reproducibility and eliminate inconsistent manual dilutions
  • Customized Hardware & Software
    • Unlimited number of predefined custom methods selectable on integrated touchscreen interface
    • Available in four models with several hardware options available to conform to your sample preparation needs
  • Time & Cost Savings
    • Significantly decrease your sample preparation time
    • Eliminate the time spent training employees tedious manual sample preparation methods
    • Free up time for more important tasks

prepFAST Station Systems:

  • DilutionStation - Automates routine sample preparation tasks such as sample dilution, acidification, internal standard addition, and mixing
  • FiltrationStation - Automates sample filtration by drawing samples through inexpensive disposable filters, freeing up laboratory staff for more important tasks
  • ReagentStation - Automates large volume sample preparation for 500 mL to 2000 mL standards, reagents, rinse solutions, eluents, and more
  • DispensingStation - Combines ultrasonic level-sensing technology with precise syringe-driven reagent addition to dilute to a specified fill level
  • OilStation - Utilizes rapid & precise syringe-driven autodilution to prepare oils, lubricants, and coolants in less than 20 seconds per sample

prepFAST Station Features

prepFAST Station Features


Average Accuracy: 100% ± 1%
Average Accuracy: 100% ± 1%

prepFAST Station automatically dilutes samples and standards at a high level of accuracy. ICPMS recovery for 1000 samples of Be, Ni, Cu, As, and Pb averaged 100% ± 1% at a 10x dilution factor.


Average Precision: < 0.2% RSD
prepFAST Station produces superior results equal to or above the quality of manual dilutions without the hassle. prepFAST Station can dilute samples as low as 0.2% RSD or better depending on the final prepared sample volume.
Average Precision: < 0.2% RSD


Average Carryover: 0.0012%
prepFAST Station has low carryover and minimal crosscontamination. The probe is rinsed internally and externally in a dual rinse station before and after preparing each sample. Rinseout after processing a high multielement standard shows a signal reduction factor averaging 82000x, equivalent to 0.0012% carryover-- comparable to the best rinseout data expected using ICPMS.
Average Carryover: 0.0014%

Integrated Touchscreen Interface

  • Proprietary, intuitive software is easy-to-use and responsive to the current status of the method
  • Simply turn on the tablet, select your desired method, and let prepFAST Station do the work for you
  • Sample preparation methods are easily customized to meet your exact specifications
  • Quickly navigate to your methods on the home screen with easy access to a library of an unlimited number of custom methods
  • Clean, integrated system design without any visible cables or cords
  • Eliminate need to clean off valuable lab bench space for separate computer
Integrated Touchscreen

Solving Problems For Every Type Of Laboratory

Laboratory Sample Throughput

prepFAST Station provides the highest level of time and cost savings to laboratories with repetitive high throughput sample preparation processes.

Automated sample preparation will significantly increase laboratory efficiency and can improve the daily sample throughput.

Multi-Functional Labs

prepFAST Station especially benefits labs with multiple types of sample preparation methods.

The fully-automated sample preparation system allows you to select numerous preparation methods and walk away, freeing up time for more important tasks.

With prepFAST Station preparing samples, you will no longer have to worry about inconsistency between manual dilutions, improving precision and accuracy.

Market & Industry

prepFAST Station automates sample preparation for all types of labs including:

  • Agriculture & Food
  • Clinical & Life Sciences
  • Earth Sciences
  • Environmental
  • Mining & Materials
  • Pharmaceutical

prepFAST Station can help labs in need of sample preparation for several applications including:

  • Blood, Urine, & Serum Sample Dilution for Heavy Metals
  • Drinking Water & Soil Analysis
  • Four Acid Digestion
  • USP <232> / <233> Sample Testing

Station Specifications

Technical Specifications

Rack Capacity

Technical Specifications

DilutionStation Video

DilutionStation In Action

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