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For Comprehensive Data Processing and Instrument Control

At Elemental Scientific, innovation means more than just cutting-edge hardware. We also have comprehensive software packages for data processing and instrument integration.
Xceleri Software

Take Control of Speciation

  • Hardware Control: ICPMS and prepFAST IC control within one platform – for complete integration
  • Data Processing: Automated or manual peak selection with visualization functions for easy comparisons
  • QC Automation: Re-run samples, analyze at higher dilution factor, or flag for automated speciation
  • Advanced Reporting: Comprehensive overview of the results including calibration curves, raw intensities, calculated concentrations, and chromatograms

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iolite Software

LA-ICPMS Data Reduction for All

  • Trace Elements: Semi-quant, fully quantitative, normalization and multi-calibrant approaches
  • Geochronology: The leading solution for U-Pb systems with a fast and easy to use interface
  • Imaging: A range of options and tools, including stacking, filter, regions of interest (ROI), 3D viewing, and more
  • Automation: Improved throughput and reliability via templates- from selecting baselines and reference materials up to complete QAQC modules
  • Flexible: Customize the features via additional tools from our user community, or create your own AddOns from our extensive python API

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