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Microsampling Systems

microFAST Systems - Accurate Loading for Micro Samples

The microFAST Isotope accurately loads a loop and then smoothly injects the solution into a μFlow concentric nebulizer at defined rates from 5-1000 μL/min.
The microFAST SC is a complete sample introduction system designed specifically for single cell and nanoparticle applications.
micro<em>FAST</em> Isotope Isotope Ratio System

Dual Loop Syringe Loading & Injection

  • Reliably run small volume samples at 5-1000 μL/min
  • Dual loop for high throughput and reduced carryover
  • Stable injection profiles for precise isotope ratios
  • Combine with Apex Omega for enhanced instrument sensitivity and low blanks

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micro<em>FAST</em> SC Single-Cell & Nanoparticles

Single Cell ICPMS Applications

  • Flexible sample volumes - μL to mL of sample
  • Ensure cells stay intact, no cell lysing
  • Low pressure sample introduction
  • High transport efficiency

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