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Scout Semiconductor Online Monitoring Systems

scoutPPQ – Fully Automated PPQ Total Metals

scoutPPQ is a fully automated system for the complete elemental analysis of total metals in ultrapure chemicals for parts-per-quadrillion (ppq) level analysis.

sub-PPQ Detection Limits (Concentration Mode)

  • Suitable for UPW, IPA, TMAH, H2O2, and others
  • Removes difficult matricies
  • Reduces impact of ICPMS interference

Ease of Use

  • Flexible reporting options including SECS/GEM
  • Works with all semiconductor chemicals
    • Direct analysis mode for sub-ppt detection limits
    • Concentration mode for sub-ppq detection limits

Total Metals Online Analyzer

  • Multi-element determination of total metals
  • Autocalibration of total metals
  • Analyzes all semiconductor grade chemicals
    • Up to 40 sampling points
    • At up to 300 m in any direction

Integrated ICPMS

scoutPPQ Workflow Diagram

Example diagram for remote monitoring of incoming/outgoing chemicals and process chemicals using scoutPPQ.

scoutPPQ Workflow Diagram

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