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Scout Semiconductor Online Monitoring Systems

Online Monitoring for ppt-level Metals, Nanoparticles and Organic Contaminants

Real-time monitoring of semiconductor process chemicals and ultrapure water at fab-wide scale.

Online Metals Monitoring: Automated online 24/7 tools for ultrapure semiconductor chemical analysis. Scout detects ultra-low levels of metallic and particulate contaminants in all chemicals.

VPD-ICPMS: High-throughput, completely automated production tool for online monitoring of metal contamination on semiconductor wafers with ultra-low detection limits. The Radian’s single process station design, ultrafast scanner, and fully integrated ICPMS make it the fastest, most automated VPD-ICPMS in the world.

Organic Contaminant Monitoring: Fully automated systems for real-time monitoring of organic impurities in semiconductor chemicals. These systems automatically detect and identifies contaminants, quantifies and charts each contaminant, and sends a SECS-GEM alert for near real-time monitoring.

Scout Semiconductor Online Monitoring Systems

Most Automated Vapor Phase Decomposition System

  • Radian 3 VPD-ICPMS – Compact high productivity with all-in-one process module
  • Radian 7 VPD-ICPMS – Highest productivity with dual all-in-one process modules
  • Innovative radial fast-scanning nozzle – scans wafer surface in 60 seconds or less
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Online Nanoparticle & Total Metals Monitoring

  • Multi-element determination of nanoparticle size and quantity
  • Autocalibration of nanoparticle and total metals
  • Analyzes all semiconductor grade chemicals
    • Up to 40 sampling points
    • Up to 300 m in any direction
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Fully Automated PPQ Total Metals

  • sub-PPQ detections limits for UPW, IPA, TMAH, 30% H2O2, and others
  • Multi-element determination of total metals
  • Removes difficult matricies
  • Reduces impact of ICPMS interference
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Monitoring of Organic Contaminants

  • Up to 40 Sample Points
  • Rapidly transfers discrete samples up to 300 m to a Central Unit
  • Detects organic contaminations & impurities in facility chemicals, environmental effluents, chemical baths and other liquid samples
  • Simultaneously monitors the full range of semiconductor chemicals
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Fully Automated Metals Analysis Lab

  • Laboratory based online system for 24/7 metal monitoring
  • Direct connection of chemical supply to the scoutLAB
  • High capacity system for up to 20 direct chemical samplers
  • Onboard autosampler option for laboratory analysis
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Real-time Ultra-trace Metal Monitoring

  • Immediate detection and notification of metal contamination
  • Improved product yield
  • Reduced human contact with hazardous chemical samples, improving safety & reducing errors
  • Customizable software to enable flexible, user-defined parameters for contamination control at every sampling station
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Monitoring of Silicon Nitride Etching

  • Fully automated unattended measurement of ppm level free silicon and simultaneous monitoring of bound silicon
  • Capable of monitoring free and bound silicon in hot phosphoric baths
  • Autocalibration and verification of silicon in hot phosphoric baths
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Fully Automated Online Process Gas Monitoring

  • Automated process gas monitoring
  • Immediate detection and notification of contamination
  • Simultaneously determine nanoparticle and total metals data
  • Up to 16 process gas connections
  • Monitors CO2, N2, O2, Ar, He, Ne and others
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Total Organic Carbon Online Monitoring

  • Quantitative analysis of total organic carbon in UPW and waste water
  • TOC range <0.2 to 1000 ppm C
  • A single central analyzer monitors:
    • Up to 40 sampling points
    • Up to 300 m in any direction
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