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Scout Semiconductor Online Monitoring Systems

scoutDX – Online Monitoring of PPT Metals

Real-time monitoring of semiconductor process chemicals and ultrapure water (UPW) is vital to provide the information needed to improve manufacturing processes and maximize product yield. Metal impurities are monitored in process chemicals at delivery (by tanker or drums), central chemical supply, distribution points, and final point of use. Chemical monitoring is required 24/7 to verify low or even sub-ppt levels of metal contamination.

Real-time 24/7

  • Semiconductor process chemical monitoring
  • Autocalibration of metals in semiconductor chemicals
  • Analyzes all semiconductor grade chemicals
    • Up to 40 sampling points
    • Up to and greater than 300 m in any direction
  • Fully automated detection of ppt and sub-ppt metals

Reduced Contamination

  • Non-contamination of samples
  • Minimal human contact with chemicals


  • Flexible data reporting options including SECS-GEM
  • Works with all semiconductor chemicals

scoutDX Workflow Diagram

scoutDX Workflow Diagram

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