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Autosamplers for ICP/ICPMS

DX Autosamplers – Dual-Rinse & FAST Ready Autosamplers

DXCi Autosampler Models

Elemental Scientific DX autosamplers are a great solution for the laboratory that values high performance and reliability, yet wants options for future automation upgrades.

DX Highlights

  • Independently pumped dual flowing rinse stations – supports optimized rinse solutions
  • High throughput FAST Ready – upgrade to FAST or fully automated SampleSense FAST
  • Inline Autodilution prepFAST Ready – upgrade to prepFAST or SampleSense prepFAST
  • Accurate and precise sampling with robust dual rail design
  • Integrated control in many instrument software platforms
  • Flexible rack configurations
  • Available in MicroDX, 2DX, 4DX, 8DX and 14DX autosampler models
DX Autosampler Video

DX Autosampler In Action

Featured Diagram for All DX Autosamplers

Please note: Parabolic Probe is optional on the DXe & DX models

Dual Rinse Station Reduces Carryover

  • DX autosamplers uniquely provide independently pumped dual rinse stations
  • Each station can support a customized rinse solution for optimal rinsing of probe and uptake path
Dual Rinse Station Reduces Carryover

Engineered for Precision and Durability

  • Designed with a Dual X-rail design and a large diameter Z-rail for precise sampling
  • All DX components are constructed using chemically resistant materials for an exceptionally long lifetime
Dual Rinse Station Reduces Carryover

DX Autosamplers are Upgradable

DX autosamplers provide a direct upgrade path to both FAST high throughput and prepFAST autodilution system as laboratory automation needs grow.

DX Autosamplers are Upgradable

DX Autosampler Capacity

DX Autosampler Capacity

Examples of 2DX Rack Configurations

Rack Configurations - 2DX
Rack Configurations - 2DX
Rack Configurations - 2DX

Examples of 4DX Rack Configurations

Rack Configurations - 4DX
Rack Configurations - 4DX
Rack Configurations - 4DX

Examples of 8DX Rack Configurations

Rack Configurations - 8DX
Rack Configurations - 8DX

Examples of 14DX Rack Configurations

Rack Configurations - 14DX
Rack Configurations - 14DX
Rack Configurations - 14DX

Examples of µDX Rack Configurations

Rack Configurations - microDX
Rack Configurations - microDX (only available in 16" rail)
Rack Configurations - microDX

Mobile Stations

The mobile station secures and positions the DX autosampler, eliminating the need for an autosampler table (not included with purchase of the autosampler).


  • Convenient - Autosampler, pumps, rinse and waste bottles contained in a single unit
  • Compact - Footprint only slightly larger than autosampler itself, saving valuable lab space and maintaining accessibility to sample racks
  • Attractive - Station eliminates need for separate table
  • Mobile - Locking wheels; Eliminates unnecessary external connections to rinse solution and waste reservoirs; Middle and lower shelves for storage and bottles

Part # Description
SC-1210-DX Mobile Station for 2DX autosampler (shown)
SC-1410-DX Mobile Station for 4DX autosampler

Mobile Station - 2DX


ICP and ICPMS sample integrity is maintained with the ESI DX autosampler enclosures. The enclosures can be configured either as a dust cover or ULPA-filtered minienvironment.


  • Protects samples from airborne contamination
  • Exhaust acid fumes to protect the laboratory environment
  • Clear acrylic construction for easy sample viewing
  • Covers only the sample area—the electronics are kept outside the enclosure
  • Three vertical sliding doors provide easy access to sample racks at any time

Enclosure Only Description
C3V2 Clean3V Enclosure for 2DX ESI Autosampler with vertical sliding doors
C3V4 Clean3V Enclosure for 4DX ESI Autosampler with vertical sliding doors
C3V8 Clean3V Enclosure for 8DX ESI Autosampler with vertical sliding doors
C3V14 Clean3V Enclosure for 14DX ESI Autosampler with vertical sliding doors

Autosampler Enclosure

ULPA Air Filter

The ULPAclean 10 (Ultra-Low Particle Arrester) filter creates a clean, positive pressure environment for samples and standards and prevents airborne contamination. It removes 99.9995% of 0.1 µm or larger particles. The mounting plate is compatible with all DX autosampler enclosures.

Part # Description
ULPA10 ULPAclean-10 filter for ESI Enclosures

Power Aire Volume
24VDC 1.0 (m3/min) or 0.5 (m3/min)
ULPAclean 10 Filter

Sample Racks & Vials

From 96-well microplates to 100 ml volumetric flasks, ESI offers both standard autosampler racks as well as an extensive variety of specialized racks to accommodate almost any vial, vessel or bottle imaginable for automated sample analysis. DX Series autosamplers offer flexible rack configurations that permit almost any sample size, from micro vials up to 500 mL and larger bottles.

PFA vials are ideal for applications that require the highest purity. Made of ultrapure, ultra-chemically resistant material, these vials are an excellent choice for high purity, semiconductor and micro samples. PVDF sample vials are a lower cost alternative to our high-performance PFA vials. These high-tensile-strength, fluoropolymer vials can replace more expensive PFA vials in many applications. Non-PFA sample vessels manufactured from polymer plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and polystyrene, are suitable for general purpose analytical applications.

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