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Autosamplers for ICP/ICPMS

Fluoronetic Autosamplers – Designed for Highly Acidic or Corrosive Samples

FNX Autosampler Models

ESI Fluoronetic autosamplers are the most robust, chemically resistant autosamplers on the market, featuring ESI's 100% fluoropolymer magnetically coupled linear drive.

Fluoronetic Highlights

  • Highest chemical resistance of any autosampler
    • Lowest sample contamination risk
    • Long lasting components and low maintenance
  • Magnetically coupled fluoropolymer linear drive eliminates exposed metal components
  • Autocorrecting position autosampler - keeps analysis running, even after obstruction
  • Available in two configurations:
    • FNXS UltraClean Fluoronetic Autosamplers, with metal-free enclosure for semiconductor grade chemicals – in 2FNXS & 4FNXS models
    • FNX Fluoronetic Autosamplers, ideal for highly corrosive applications, i.e. geochemistry & metallurgy - in 2FNX, 4FNX, 8FNX & 14FNX models
FNX Autosampler Video

Fluoronetic Autosampler In Action

FNXS Ultraclean Fluoronetic Autosampler Features Diagram

Featured Diagram for FNX Ultraclean Autosamplers

FNX Fluoronetic Autosampler Features Diagram

Featured Diagram for FNX Autosamplers

Fluoronetics Drive Delivers

Superior Chemical/Corrosion Resistance

Superior Chemical/
Corrosion Resistance

Chemically Inert/Non-contaminating

Chemically Inert

Magnetic Coupling Eliminates Metal Components

Magnetic Coupling
Eliminates Metal Components

Intelligent Autocorrection Always Finds Sample Position

Intelligent Autocorrection
Always Finds Sample Position

UltraClean Fluoronetic Autosampler - Integrated Enclosure Provides Clean Air Environment

  • Metal-free enclosure and PTFE deck for superior chemical resistance
  • Vertical lift doors provide easy access to samples on all four sides
  • Air shower and ULPA filter options to ensure clean environment for samples
  • Longitudinal PTFE exhaust manifold in sample deck to remove sample fumes
  • Clean autosampler for laboratories without a cleanroom
UltraClean Fluoronetic Autosampler

Fluoronetic Autosamplers are Upgradable

Fluoronetic FNX autosamplers provide a direct upgrade path to both FAST high throughput and SampleSense FAST high throughput as well as prepFAST X systems as laboratory automation needs grow.

Fluoronetic Autosamplers are Upgradable

Fluoronetic Autosampler Capacity

FNX Autosampler Capacity

Options for UltraClean Fluoronetic Autosampler

  • Clean air shower and ULPA filter
  • Optional organic solvent rinse
  • DI water feed
  • PFA probe with self-aspirating nebulizer
4FNXS Equipped with ULPA Filter
4FNXS Equipped with ULPA Filter

Sample Racks & Vials

From 96-well microplates to 100 mL volumetric flasks, ESI offers both standard autosampler racks as well as an extensive variety of specialized racks to accommodate almost any vial, vessel or bottle imaginable for automated sample analysis. DX Series autosamplers offer flexible rack configurations that permit almost any sample size, from micro vials up to 500 mL and larger bottles.

PFA vials are ideal for applications that require the highest purity. Made of ultrapure, ultra-chemically resistant material, these vials are an excellent choice for high purity, semiconductor and micro samples. PVDF sample vials are a lower cost alternative to our high-performance PFA vials. These high-tensile-strength, fluoropolymer vials can replace more expensive PFA vials in many applications. Non-PFA sample vessels manufactured from polymer plastics such as polypropylene, polyethylene, and polystyrene, are suitable for general purpose analytical applications.

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