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Scout Semiconductor Online Monitoring Systems

scoutHSN – Silicon in Hot Phosphoric Baths

The scoutHSN is an online monitoring system that allows fully automated unattended measurement of ppm level free silicon and simultaneous monitoring of bound silicon. A single scoutHSN is capable of monitoring free and bound silicon in hot phosphoric baths.

Real-time Automated Monitoring

  • Fully automated collection and analysis of hot H3PO4
  • 24/7 monitoring of High Selectivity Nitride etchant in hot H3PO4 baths
  • Automated calibration

High Accuracy

  • Precise measurement for trace amount of specific Si and total Si at the same time
  • Simultaneous monitoring of non-silicon elements
  • Tight process control independent of chemistry changes

Advanced Analysis Options

  • Interlaced sampling for more frequent results
  • Many communication protocols including SECS/GEM and Modbus

scoutHSN Workflow Diagram

scoutHSN Workflow Diagram

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