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Offline Sample Preparation Stations

prepMASS Station – Gravimetric Dilution

The Solution for All By-Weight Dilutions

prepMASS Station revolutionizes and streamlines by-weight dilutions by fully-automating sample handling processes, providing improved efficiency and eliminating tedious manual sample preparation.

Accurate. Automated. Amazing.

prepMASS Station is an automated sample preparation system consisting of an intelligent sample handling system and a syringe pump coupled with an integrated balance. The system delivers:

  • Precise and accurate by-weight dilutions of oils, lubricants, and any other liquid samples requiring gravimetric preparation
  • Accounts for differences in sample density by dilution according to measured mass
  • Suitable for any laboratory procedure or instrument requiring accurate preparation
  • Saves time and improves analysis quality by eliminating manual sample dilutions
prepMASS Video

prepMASS Station In Action Video

Ease of Use

prepMASS Station provides laboratories with complete automation for gravimetric dilutions. The system places an empty vial on the balance and immediately tares it. The sample is then precisely measured by weight while being delivered into the vial. Finally, the diluent is added by weight to the desired dilution factor. prepMASS Station takes the guesswork out of gravimetric dilutions with:

  • Simple, intuitive software interface that provides for walk-up use
  • Each step in the dilution process is recorded
  • Each data set is saved and easily exportable
  • Disposable pipette tips eliminate sample carryover
  • Commonly used dilution protocols can be saved for routine usage
prepMASS Closeup

prepMASS Station Features Diagram

Features Diagram

Dilution Cycle

The prepMASS Station Dilution Cycle illustrates the automated steps applied in each sample preparation.

Dilution Cycle

Accuracy & Repeatability

prepMASS Station dilution results demonstrating long-term accuracy and repeatability for weight/weight dilutions. 4000 samples diluted 1:10 in V-Solv over a 3-week period resulting in exhibiting highly accurate and repeatable performance for all dilutions

Accuracy & Repeatability

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