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hydrideICP – Compact Hydride Generation Systems

The hydrideICP is a stand-alone hydride generation system that provides ultra-low detection limits for hydride-forming elements such as As, Se, Sb, Pb, and Hg.

hydrideICP Highlights

  • Increased sensitivity of up to 100x for hydride-forming elements, delivering low detection limits
  • Enhanced stability from MP2 micro peristaltic pump that precisely mixes sample and reagents – resulting in stable formation of metal hydrides
  • Smallest system of its kind (95 mm W x 118 mm D x 140 mm H)

Features Diagram

Features Diagram


  • High precision delivery of sample and reagents from MP2 micro peristaltic pump
  • Chemically resistant construction for enhanced lifetime with PFA mixing block and quartz gas liquid separator
  • Convenient installation with hydride generation components mounted directly to MP2 pump
hydride Closeup

How It Works

  • The patented design of the hydride ICP promotes rapid mixing of the sample and the reagents, resulting in a highly efficient hydride-forming reaction
  • Separation of the hydride gases from the sample liquids in the small volume separator chamber
How It Works

Hydride and Nebulization

  • Simultaneous hydride and direct nebulization analysis with hydrideICP
Hydride and Nebulization

Product Flyer & Diagram

hydrideICP Flyer Features Diagram

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