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Sample Introduction Kits

Sample Introduction Kits

Elemental Scientific has a range of Sample Introduction Kits for specialty ICPMS and ICP applications. From direct analysis of ultra-pure chemicals to nanoparticles and single cells, our integrated kits provide a high-performance turnkey solution to fit your ICP/ICPMS.
Fluorospray Kits

High-purity, High-stability, HF-resistant

  • O-ring-free system
  • Ultra-low detection limits
  • Excellent short-term and long-term stability
  • Novel spray chamber design that improves matrix tolerance while maintaining ultralow backgrounds for all elements

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HF-resistant Kits

Ultra-pure & HF-resistant Systems

  • All wetted surfaces are PFA and sapphire or platinum
  • Used by a majority of semiconductor labs worldwide for the analysis of semiconductor-grade chemicals and other high purity chemicals
  • Ideal for geochemical/metallurgical applications or anywhere HF-resistant sample introduction systems are required

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Single Cell Kits

Complete Solution for Single Cell Applications

  • Ideal for single cell analysis on the microFAST SC
  • Each kit includes CytoNeb, CytoSpray Chamber, One-peice Torch, Nebulizer Gas Line, Make-up Gas Line, Drain Line, Sampling Lines, Peripump Tubing, and Peripump Fittings
  • Designed for Single Cell Applications, Nanoparticle Applications and High-Transport Efficiency Applications

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