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ICPMS Cones – High Precision. High Performance.

Elemental Scientific and MEINHARD offer cones for your ICPMS. Manufactured using high purity metals, precision machining, and complete testing provides cones having extended lifetime, high sensitivity, low oxide and doubly charged species.
Sampler Cones

Ensure ICPMS Performance

  • High-purity materials that minimize background & ensures plasma stability
  • Nickel - suitable for most common applications and provide the most economical operation
  • Platinum - required for analysis of aggressive acids
  • Aluminum is available in select cones

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Accessories for Cones

Cone Protection & Proper Care

  • Cleaning Kits & Detergents
  • Ultra Sonic Baths & Baskets

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Skimmer Cones

Go Green Trade-In Program

  • Aluminum Recycling - $10 credit for each cone returned
  • Nickel & Copper Recycling - $10 - $20 credit for each skimmer/sampler cone returned
  • Platinum Recycling - Special conditions apply

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