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Microsampling Systems

microFAST SC – Complete Solution for Single Cell ICPMS Applications

The ability to introduce single cells into an ICPMS and measure the elemental content in each cell, or tag to each cell, accurately takes a dedicated, well-designed sample introduction system. Having this ability allows for investigators to better understand how much of a specific nanoparticle, metallodrug, or metal-based compound enters the cell. These cells or nanoparticles will vary in size from a few nm’s up to a few 100 μm’s. The typical cell types of interest will vary and with that the stability of the cell-line also varies, such that a gentle, controlled nebulization must be employed in order to not disrupt or lyse the cell.


  • Flexible sample volumes - μL to mL of sample
  • Ensure cells stay intact, no cell lysing
  • Low pressure sample introduction
  • High transport efficiency

Complete system includes

Features Diagram

Features Diagram

Low pressure sample introduction allows cells to be introduced to the ICPMS intact.

Sample Flow Rate
Nebulizer Gas Flow Rate

Easily modify the system from single cell analysis to a FAST sample introduction system for non-single cell samples.

Single Cell Mode
Non-Single Cell Mode
Replicate Measurements

One sample was prepared with 100,000 Ta-tagged cells/mL solution. Replicate measurements were taken from the same sample to produce this plot. PBMC Ta-tagged cell size: ~7.5 μm

Replicate Samples Analyzed

Ten 50 nm Au NPs solutions were prepared and analyzed over an 8 day period. Data points represent average value for each sample over the 8 day period. Error bars represent ±1 SD over the 8 days. Typical transport efficiency: 80-100%

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