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Analab Sample Preparation Accessories

Analab FluoroPlate – Your Ideal Tool for Sample Heating and Evaporation

FluoroPlates deliver optimal and uniform heating for all your sample preparation needs. Their rugged and inert design assures years of reliable operation in corrosive conditions, and are highly customizable with optional EasyDigest Racks.

Better Sample Preparation = Better Results

Sample preparation is a critical step in obtaining accurate results. ANALAB FluoroPlates are available in a range of sizes and with optional EasyDigest racks for maximum flexibility to meet your needs.

  • PFA-coated specialty graphite work surface for maximum resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • Uniform temperature across all sample positions (±2 ºC)
  • Suitable for Class 1 (ISO 3) clean room environments - no contaminants/particulates

Ideal for:

  • Metallurgy
  • Semiconductor
  • Nuclear
  • Earth Sciences
  • Environmental
  • Pharmaceutical

FluoroPlate Features Diagram

FluoroPlate Features Diagram

FluoroPlates are available in a range of sizes and operating voltages to suit your requirements.

FluoroPlate A4 (20 x 30 cm)

A4 FluoroPlate
(20 x 30 cm)

FluoroPlate A3 (30 x 40 cm)

A3 FluoroPlate
(30 x 40 cm)

FluoroPlate A2 (40 x 60 cm)

A2 FluoroPlate
(40 x 60 cm)

EasyDigest Racks

These PFA-coated graphite racks are designed for excellent chemical resistance and add capability to your FluoroPlate:

  • Provide uniform heating to the vessel bottom and walls for better digestion
  • Reduces potential for sample loss
  • Customizable support for almost all sample digestion vessels
  • Modular compatibility with all FluoroPlate sizes
EasyDigest Racks - A3-A4

A3 & A4 EasyDigest Racks

HP-A2-R-B&S-Fluoroplate A2 with Racks

EasyDigest Racks on A2 FluoroPlate

Modular EasyDigest Rack Configurations

Modular EasyDigest Rack Configurations

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  • In addition to EasyDigest Racks, a wide range of high-purity PFA labware from vials to bottles for specialty applications are also available
  • Polypropylene vials for more routine digestion tasks as well as reflux caps and watch glasses and disposable filters
Digestion Vials

Polypropylene vials and accessories for routine digestions tasks, including reflux caps, watch glasses, and disposable filters

Digestion Vials

High-purity PFA vials and bottles available
for trace level sample handling

  • All Analab devices require an external temperature regulator/controller
  • Designed for remote location outside the corrosive atmosphere of the fume hood for extended operational lifetime
  • Available in 110–120 V & 208-240 V models
  • Single controller models available in:
    • Single-setpoint Nonprogrammable Regulator with Timer
    • Multistep Programmable Regulator
  • Dual controllers available with temperature feedback/control from remote probe
Nonprogrammable Regulator with Timer

Nonprogrammable Regulator with Timer

Programmable Regulator with Timer

Programmable Regulator with Timer

Programmable Dual Controller Regulator

Programmable Dual Controller Regulator

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