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Autodilution & Autocalibration Systems

The Perfect Partner for any ICP/ICPMS!

prepFAST 3, prepFAST and prepFAST X are advanced inline dilution systems designed for ICP & ICPMS. They unite the sampling capabilities of DX autosamplers and the rapid throughput of FAST valves with a precision syringe module to perform precise and accurate inline dilutions of standards and samples.
prep<em>FAST</em> 3

High Throughput Autodilution & Autocalibration

  • The easiest-installing and smallest autodilution system in the world
  • FAST prepFAST technology optimizes sample analysis for both undiluted and diluted samples
  • Anti-clogging FilterProbe with backflush prevents clogging and reduces daily maintenance
  • SampleSense 3 optically detects and injects sample at the right time, preserving time and sample
  • Magnetic SnapValves expedites maintenance and installation, eliminating the need for tools

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Syringe Driven Inline Dilution

  • Autocalibration, Autodilution & Overrange dilution
  • DX autosampler & mobile cart
  • Enhanced washout and high throughput
  • Syringe-driven internal standard addition
  • Three models providing dilution ranges of 1-400x and 1-40,000x

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prep<em>FAST</em> X

Fully Automated Single Valve Autodilution

All the features of the prepFAST plus:

  • SampleSense automated vacuum loading
  • Intelligent autocorrection DXCi autosampler & mobile cart
  • Three models providing dilution ranges of 1-400x and 1-40,000x

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