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Analab Sample Preparation Accessories

Better Sample Preparation = Better Results!

The Analab family of products promote clean and reproducible sample preparation. This portfolio of innovative and patented tools eliminate contamination and maximize reagent purity.

Inert Hotplate

  • PFA-coated specialty graphite work surface for maximum resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • Uniform temperature across entire work surface (±2 ºC)
  • Suitable for Class 1 (ISO 3) clean room environments - no contaminants/particulates

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Ideal Choice for Routine Digestion

  • PFA-coated specialty graphite work surface for maximum resistance to aggressive chemicals
  • Uniform heating across sides and bottom of each vial, optimal digestion conditions
  • No exposed metal surfaces on the digestion module
  • Available in 24- and 48-position models to maximize sample throughput

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Sub-Boiling Acid Distillation

  • Produce high-purity acids from lower cost reagent grade starting materials
  • All component surfaces are PFA coated to eliminate corrosion for long lifetime
  • Safe and simple operation

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Evaporate & Concentrate

  • Closed evaporation environment to protect samples from contamination
  • Constant and uniform heating for safe and controlled evaporation for all samples
  • All heated components PFA coated for long lifetimes
  • Top heated wells to additionally support digestion and vessel cleaning

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Individual Vessel Cleaning

  • Provides cleaning of vessels of various shapes and sizes
  • High purity vapor generated and then condenses to drain down along vessel walls
  • Can be used with FluoroPlate, FluoroBloc, and EvapoClean products

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EasyTrace Systems

Acid Vapor Vessel Cleaning Systems

  • Automated decontamination and conditioning by vapor generation and condensation
  • Supports multiple vessel sizes and shapes, including microwave vessels, pipette tips, and bottles
  • Ideal for laboratories performing trace and ultra-trace analyses
  • EasyTrace with CRD additionally automates vessel rinsing and drying for fully unattended cleaning

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P’Tips Cleaner

Eliminate Pipette Tip Contamination

  • Simple and effective cleaning of pipette tips for trace metal analysis
  • Cleaning performed with up to a full rack of tips at one time
  • Easy and safe process with no user contact with acidic solutions

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Remote Temperature Control

  • Designed for remote placement outside of corrosive hood environment
  • Direct temperature readout from controller display
  • Models include single setpoint with timer for routine control and fully programmable for advanced applications
  • Dual controller models support readout and control from remote temperature probe

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