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Sample Introduction Accessories

Boost Sensitivity, Eliminate Interferences & Increase Stability

Enhance the sensitivity and stability of your analysis with specialized sample introduction accessories designed to couple directly to your ICP or ICPMS.

Temperature Controlled Spray Chambers

  • Thermal stabilization of spray chamber improves long-term stability
  • O-ring free cyclonic spray chamber delivers fast washout
  • PFA Scott-style spray chamber provides high sample transport and rapid rinseout
  • Interchangeable glass, quartz, & PFA spray chambers available
  • Designed for both aqueous and volatile organic solvents

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High Sensitivity Introduction

  • Heated spray chamber coupled with cooled condenser to enhance aerosol transport
  • Reduces oxides while maximizing sensitivity
  • Quartz or HF-resistant models available
  • Apex Omega adds membrane desolvation for additional matrix tolerance

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Nebulizer Gas Humidifiers

  • Improves performance of all concentric nebulizers
  • Dissolves salt crystals in nebulizer tip
  • Improves short and long-term stability
  • Speeds up sample washout
  • Enhances performance of in-line aerosol dilution in ICPMS

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AutoTune Valve

Auto Tuning Solution Selection

  • Provides automated selection of ICPMS tuning solutions
  • Eliminates need to manually introduce solutions required for instrument tuning
  • Automated selection of required solution provided from instrument software
  • Also supports customized rinse and carrier solutions

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MP2 Pumps

Precision Peristaltic Pumps

  • Compact, precise, stand-alone micro peristaltic pumps
  • Available in both manual and computer-controlled models
  • Offered in pump capacities of 1 to 8 channels
  • Optimized for accurate low-flow delivery rates

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Compact Hydride Generation

  • hydrideICP provides ultra-low detection limits for hydride-forming elements
  • MP2 micro peristaltic pump precisely mixes sample and reagents to generate metal hydrides
  • Compact and modular design for easy installation and operation

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