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Autosampler Supplies

Best Solutions for Demanding Applications

The right accessories and consumables are as integral to the success of your laboratory as your instrumentation. That’s why we invest heavily in testing and validating our complete portfolio of solutions to ensure that you receive accurate, repeatable results, on-time, every time throughout the lifetime of your automation system.
Autosampler Bottles & Vials

Liquid Containers for Every Solution

  • Non-PFA Vials & Bottles are:
    • Economical & suitable for most routine analytical applications
    • Moderate resistance to concentrated acids
  • PFA Vials & Bottles are:
    • Self-standing, non-contaminating, HF-resistant
    • Temperature range of -200°C to 260°C
    • Graduated, conical bottom

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Autosampler Racks

Sample Racks for Every Application

  • Offering an extensive variety of specialized racks
  • Accommodates almost any vial, vessel or bottle
  • Flexible rack configurations permit almost any sample size, from micro vials up to 500 mL and larger bottles

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High Purity Valves & Accessories

Improved Durability & Performance

  • Long life & low maintenance
  • Internal components coated to prevent corrosion
  • All fluoropolymer flow path
  • PFA rotors are durable, clean and chemically-resistant
  • CTFE stators offer high impact strength and chemical and corrosion resistance

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Sample Loops & Probes

Ideal for All Trace Metal Analysis Applications

  • High chemical resistance for applications involving strong acids, alkalis and organics
  • Contoured design reduces carry over
  • All PFA wetted sample flow path reduces contamination
  • Completely encapsulated support, available in Carbon Fiber, PEEK and Ultem

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Metal Free Syringes

Maximum Accuracy & Precision

  • Used in ESI prepFAST, seaFAST and other systems
  • Available in quartz or CTFE barrels with PFA plungers
  • Available Quartz or CTFE in 0.3 mL, 3 mL, 6 mL and 12 mL volumes
  • High pressure configurations for select systems

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Metal Free Syringes

Precise, Accurate Dispensing and Mixing

  • High purity PFA pipette tips
  • Minimize contamination of semiconductor and biological samples
  • Available in 100 μL & 1000 μL volumes

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IS Addition Kits & Tees

For PFA-ST and MEINHARD® Plus Nebulizers

  • Fluoropolymer mixing tee (0.5 mm i.d.)
  • Internal standard probes
  • Fluoropolymer peristaltic pump fittings
  • MP2 peristaltic pump tubing

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Nebulizer Lines & Fittings

Highest Quality Nebulizer Lines & Fittings

  • Includes:
    • Pearl Nebulizer Cleaner for glass and quartz nebulizers
    • Gas Quick Connects for nebulizers
    • Gas lines & nebulizer solution fittings
    • PFA adapters & unions

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Fittings & PFA Tubing

For All Trace Metal Analysis Applications

  • Includes:
    • Easy to use, ultra-clean fittings and PFA tubing
    • Ferrules install quickly and easily for high-flow applications
    • Low-flow valve fittings have low dead volume, leak-free integrated ferrule connections

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FAST & prepFAST Lines

Standard Lines & Line Assemblies

  • Available for multiple systems and in multiple lengths and internal diameters

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FAST & prepFAST Spares Kit

Critical to System Uptime & Performance

  • Include all of the important and necessary parts to keep your system up and running
  • Offers a complete selection of Spares Kits specifically designed for your FAST & prepFAST Systems
  • These kits are an integral part of your system operation and should be changed regularly

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