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Offline Sample Preparation Stations

Automated Sample Preparation for Your Lab

Offline sample preparation tools from Elemental Scientific eliminate tedious and repetitive procedures from your lab. From automated gravimetric weighing/dilutions to online matrix removal and fraction collection, learn how we can help streamline your sampling process

Gravimetric Dilution

  • Conforms to Standard Methods for sample preparation
  • Prepares standards by weight
  • Dilutes samples by weight
  • Heating option available for viscous samples
  • Low carryover
  • Highly reproducible

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prepFAST Station

Offline Sample Preparation

  • Fully-automated sample preparation
  • Syringe auto-dilution
  • Integrated Touchscreen Interface with customized methods
  • Performs auto-dilution, acidification, internal standard addition, sample mixing, standards preparation and vessel cleaning

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