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Speciation/Chromatography Systems

Total Elemental Analysis & Elemental Speciation in a Single Platform

Seamlessly switch between total metal analysis and chromatography without changing hardware, solutions, or samples.

Total Elemental Analysis & Speciation

  • Completely metal free system
  • Autocalibrate total metals & species
  • Autodilute total metals & species
  • Operate in total metals or chromatography mode with a single instrument
  • Compatible with acid, base, or organic solvents

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prepFAST Clinical

Clinical Inline Syringe Sample Preparation

  • Inline sample preparation for undiluted biological matrices (urine, blood, serum, plasma)
  • Biological samples can be automatically stirred on the autosampler deck
  • Micro-volume sampling (≥50 μL)
  • Method validation was successfully demonstrated using CTQ and NYDOH PT samples
  • Automatically switches between total metals and speciation

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Xceleri Software

Take Control of Speciation

  • Hardware Control: ICPMS and prepFAST IC control within one platform - for complete integration
  • Data Processing: Automated or manual peak selection with visualization functions for easy comparisons
  • QC Automation: re-run samples, analyze at higher dilution factor, or flag for automated speciation
  • Advanced Reporting: comprehensive overview of the results including calibration curves, raw intensities, calculated concentrations, and chromatograms

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