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Autosamplers for ICP/ICPMS

DX-Series Autosamplers Support & Automate Every ICP/ICPMS Application

All DX autosampler components are composed of inert, chemically resistant materials for extended lifespan and feature dual wash stations for rapid and effective probe rinse.
Autosamplers for ICP/ICPMS

Superior Features • Competitive Price

  • Durable dual rail system
  • Dual flowing rinse stations
  • AutoAlign Arm with inert fluoropolymer probe guide
  • Reset probe – prevents probe damage
  • Flexible rack configurations

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Autosamplers for ICP/ICPMS

Durable • Accurate • Precise

All the features of the DXe PLUS:
  • Independently pumped dual flowing rinse stations
  • High throughput FAST Ready
  • Autodilution prepFAST Ready

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Autosamplers for ICP/ICPMS

Next Generation of Automation

All the features of the DX PLUS:

  • Intelligent autocorrection – Automatically goes to the correct position, even if accidentally obstructed
  • Fastest operation and highest positional accuracy for small samples
  • Reports obstructions to instrument software

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Autosamplers for ICP/ICPMS

Most Chemically Inert Autosampler

All the features of the DXCi PLUS:

  • Fluoronetic rail system with magnetically coupled linear drive for ultra-high chemical resistance
  • Recommended for semiconductor and geological laboratories
  • Long lasting and low maintenance in aggressive chemical environments

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EdibleOil ICP

Heated Autosampler & Heated Sample Introduction

  • Optimized for high-viscosity samples
  • Simplified sample preparation
  • Reduced dilutions for improved detection limits
  • Automatically melt and analyze liquid, semiliquid, and solid samples

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Septum-piercing Autosamplers for ICP/ICPMS

Ideal For Volatile & Air-Sensitive Samples

  • Automates transfer of sample to and from septum vials
  • Wide variety of septum vials and piercable lids
  • Septum vials reduce sample evaporation and contamination

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