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Autodilution & Autocalibration Systems

prepFAST – Just add ICP/ICPMS!

Every lab needs to improve productivity and further automate metal analysis. The prepFAST inline autodilution system automatically calibrates the ICPMS, autodilutes samples and autodilutes overrange samples to bring them into range. prepFAST autodilution and autocalibration systems elevate performance of all ICPMS models.

Perfect Partner for Any ICP/ICPMS

prepFAST automated inline dilution systems eliminate manual dilution, reduce reagent usage, and improve laboratory productivity. The combination of the DX-Series autosampler, high-throughput FAST technology and a syringe module delivers precise and accurate inline dilutions of standards and samples.

Automated Inline Dilution

  • Fully automated inline calibration
  • Automatically dilutes samples
  • Reduces new operator training
  • Reduces sample consumption & waste
  • Improves laboratory productivity

prepFAST automatically dilutes samples right at the moment of analysis

Intelligent DXCi autocorrecting autosampler

Intelligent DXCi autocorrecting autosampler

High throughput SampleSense <em>FAST</em> valve

High throughput SampleSense FAST valve

Accurate automated inline syringe dilution

Accurate automated inline syringe dilution

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