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Instrument Accessories & Supplies

Accessories & Supplies for Spectroscopy Instruments

ESI is pleased to offer a wide variety of quality Spectroscopy Consumables and Spares for your Instrumentation, Automation Systems, and Accessories. You’ll get the results you need – accurately and on time – with confidence.

Improves Concentric Nebulizer Performance

  • Dissolves salt crystals in nebulizer tip
  • Improved short- and long-term stability
  • Improved detection limits
  • Speed up sample washout
  • Reduced long-term drift
  • Extends the length of productive analytical runs

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MP2 Pumps

Computer or Manual Controlled Pumps

  • Compact, precise, stand-alone micro peristaltic pump
  • Flow rate range of 0.20 μL/min to 10 mL/min
  • Available with one to eight channels
  • Novel spray chamber design that improves matrix tolerance while maintaining ultralow backgrounds for all elements

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Thermally Stabilized Inlet System

  • Thermal stabilization of spray chamber improves long-term stability
  • Interchangeable quartz, PFA, polypropylene and borosilicate cyclonic spray chambers available
  • Fast rinse-out using PFA-ST nebulizer and O-ring free cyclonic spray chamber
  • Reduced oxides
  • Robust, with very little maintenance

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RF Coils

Keep Your ICPMS Running Smoothly

  • High-performance radio frequency (RF) coils
  • Models available for most instruments
  • Select copper or silver-plated copper coils

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Pump Fluids & Oils

Maintain Your ICPMS Vacuum Pumps

  • Best performance and fewer costly repairs
  • Manufacturer-recommended fluids & oils
  • Optimize performance, resist degradation and thermal decomposition

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Leybold Vacuum Pumps

Oil Sealed Rotary Vacuum Pumps

  • Single stage rotary pumps with high pumping capacity with small footprint
  • Configured for direct use in ICPMS systems, supporting pumping of interface region and backing for high vacuum turbomolecular pumps

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