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Advances in semiconductor technology and decreasing tolerances in microchip design require simultaneous improvements in both chemical purity and fabrication. Demand for lower detection limits requires new approaches to sample handling and trace elemental analysis – within the fab and throughout the supply chain. ESI has been at the forefront of improving analytical performance for semiconductor materials since the company was first founded. The prepFAST S line of sample handling systems has revolutionized automated trace elemental analysis of ultra-pure chemicals, allowing ever-lower detection limits to be achieved, and increasing operator safety through reduced handling of hazardous materials.

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Products & Systems

prepFAST S

Automated introduction of ultrapure semiconductor chemicals for ICPMS analysis


Benchtop system for automated sample introduction of ultrapure chemicals


Automated inline preconcentration and matrix removal for the lowest possible detection limits in semiconductor chemicals


Determination of organic contaminants


Continuous operation in an aggressively chemical environment


Ideal choice for routine sample digestion


Generate ultrapure acids from inexpensive reagent acids


Protect samples from all external sources of contamination during evaporation

P’Tips Cleaner

Makes handling very safe & decreases operating cost as they can be can be used many times


Allows individual washing of containers of various shapes and sizes


Decontamination and conditioning by acid steam condensation

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