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Preconcentration & Matrix Removal Systems

Interference Removal and Analyte Preconcentration

Automated systems for analyzing seawater, groundwater, and brines that preconcentrate analytes and remove interfering/matrix elements.

Preconcentration System for Undiluted Seawater

  • Best detection limits of any system on the market
  • Inline or offline, automated preconcentration and matrix removal
  • Ultraclean, enclosed reagent flow path for ultra-low blanks
  • Completely syringe-driven reagents for consistent chemistry and maximum cleanliness
  • Hydride generation for improved detection limits for As, Se, Hg, and other hydride-forming elements

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High Precision Isotopic Analysis

  • Fully automated - software and computer included
  • Multiple fractions
  • Stand alone system runs 24 hrs unattended
  • User defined: sample sizes; elution volume; wash/load/elute rates

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Determination of Trace Impurities in Brines

  • Fully automated, inline preconcentration and matrix removal
  • Analyze 30% brines without manual preparation
  • Ideal for Chlor-alkali plant process control
  • Direct mode with up to 50x fixed inline dilution
  • Completely syringe-driven reagents

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Radium Preconcentration

  • Determine Ra in natural waters
  • Automatically remove interferences using ion exchange techniques
  • Extremely low background levels
  • Detection limits <10 mBq/L for 226Ra

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