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Yhteiskunnallinen tutkinto ja muut vaihtoehtoiset reitit akateemisiin ammatteihin

ID: 3661
Year: 2024
Products: Product Unavailable
Authors: Mantysaari, M;Kannasoja, S;Karkkainen, M;
Application: ~
Tampereen naapurikunnassa Lempäälässä oli kesällä 1980 yhteensä viisi sosiaalityöstä vastuussa ollutta työntekijää. Heistä kolme oli suorittanut yhteiskunnallisen tutkinnon sosiaalipolitiikka pääaineenaan. He olivat osastosihteeri Airi Leppänen sekä sosiaalitarkkaajat Matti Kärkkäinen ja Mikko Mäntysaari. Sosiaalijohtaja Raimo Nieminen oli yhteiskuntatieteiden maisteri pääaineenaan sosiaalipsykologia. Kolmas sosiaalitarkkaaja Anneli Kanto oli yhteiskuntatieteiden maisteri pääaineenaan sosiaalipolitiikka sosiaalihuollon linjalla, ja hän oli siten meistä viidestä ainoa sosiaalityön yliopistollisen koulutuksen saanut työntekijä. Työyhteisömme ei ollut poikkeus, sillä samankaltaisia koulutukseltaan vaihtelevia sosiaalitoimistoja oli Suomessa kaikkialla. Olimme myös kaikki valittu virkoihimme silloisen lainsäädännön mukaan kelpoisina, sillä vuodesta 1950 voimassa ollut laki sosiaalihuollon hallinnosta (34/1950) ja sitä täsmentävä asetus (144/1950) ...

A theoretical model of visual communication for influencers: the case of Lithuania; Presentation of the influencers visual communication model through gamified elements.

ID: 3660
Year: 2024
Products: Product Unavailable
Authors: Leonavičienė, J;
Application: ~
Social media influencers are people who create an authentic and appealing image on social media platforms to attract followers, thereby growing their personal brand (Hearn and Schoenhoff 2016). As social networks grow, so do the numbers of opinion leaders. This is not only due to the huge popularity of social networks such as Instagram, Facebook, Youtube, but also to the extension and improvement of the functions of the apps themselves. Support for new visual content formats (especially short video clips), the possibility for users to provide interactive links in video content (Instagram Stories feature to provide an active link) and the ability to view the products on offer, their price and the store directly in the apps, all these and other changes have created the perfect conditions for the growth of the number of influencers (Feldman 2019). At the same time, not only the ranks of influencers themselves have grown, but also the types of influencers (Droesch 2019; Klassen et al. 2018...

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ID: 3659
Year: 2024
Products: APEX-IR introduction system
Authors: Ellwood, M;
Application: ~

MSACL 2023 Abstract (s) for Emerging Technologies

ID: 3658
Year: 2023
Products: elemental scientific
Authors: Balog, J;
Application: Clinical;Blood;Cells;Tissue;Total;Species;
Introduction. Oncological surgery is aimed at the complete removal of all cancer cells within a margin of non-cancerous tissue, while minimizing destruction of non-cancerous tissue. Rapid evaporative ionization mass spectrometry (REIMSTM) has been shown to be capable of both detecting tumor cells in real-time, in addition to providing a snapshot of lipid metabolism. If real-time identification of genomic drivers - such as PIK3CA mutation - was possible during surgery, then REIMS could inform clinical decision-making during the course of surgery to avoid positive margins, but also to help inform the selection of adjuvant therapy. Goals. Our goal was to (1) harmonize REIMS methods across 3 sites and evaluate cross-site performance of breast cancer recognition models to study the feasibility of real-time margin detection and (2) to investigate the correlation between fatty acid profiles detected in REIMS spectra in normal, wild-type and PIK3CA mutant breast cancer tissues. Methods. Human ...

Co-authors: Aaron Palke, Gabriel Angarita, Andres F. Gonzalez-Duran, Ziyin Sun, Javier Garcia

ID: 3657
Year: 2024
Products: two-volume cell from ESI (TwoVol2).
Authors: Toloza, CA;Simon, AC;
Application: Laser;

Tarjouspyyntömoduuli NetSuiteen

ID: 3656
Year: 2023
Products: TV1, TV2 jne
Authors: Juurikka, JM;
Application: ~
This functional thsesis was done for ProMart Oy, a company located in Oulu. ProMart’s operation has evolved and needs have changed which is why they need a new custom module for NetSuite, an ERP system used by ProMart. With this system they develop as well as maintain their operation. The module in question would be called Tarjouspyyntö, or Purchase Request in English. This module should help the employees at ProMart to inquire which companies have the resources they need at the moment. This business process actually exists so it’s only natural that ProMart would need a function for this process in NetSuite. In the theoretical framework I go through business processes, and how they are built in NetSuite and it’s functionalities. This chapter is supposed to tell what kind of role these processes have and how NetSuite supports these processes. In the third chapter we go through what ERP systems are, how they started to develop, what exactly is NetSuite, and how NetSuite came to be...

Kahden kunnonvalvontajärjestelmän yhteensovittaminen

ID: 3655
Year: 2024
Products: Product Unavailable
Authors: Niemi, S;
Application: ~
The aim of the thesis was to examine the two condition monitoring systems in use in the company and to consider whether the operating model could be improved by coordinating them. Simultaneous maintenance resulted in duplication of the work. The aim was to show that small changes to the operating model could lead to significant improvements. The condition monitoring systems were examined based on various documents and the information provided by specialists. In addition, the operators were interviewed about condition monitoring. Based on the findings, the design of solution proposals and tests were started. The proposed solutions were also evaluated. The thesis resulted in a useful information package for the company in the current state of condition monitoring and possible suggestions for improvement. In addition, the implementation could be easier with the help of the plan. The aim was to make the plan supportive and easy to understand....

Futsalpelaajan lajinomaisen nopeuden kehittäminen: systemoitu katsaus

ID: 3654
Year: 2024
Products: Tata ottelua seurasi ennatysmaara 278 000 suomalaista Ylen TV2-kanavalla.
Authors: Jokisalo, E;
Application: ~
The objective of the thesis was to research how to develop a futsal player’s sport-specific speed. Futsal is a 5 v 5 indoor soccer sport, and it is one of the most demanding team sports because of its small field and little space. In Finland futsal operates under the Finnish Football Association called Suomen Palloliitto. The Finnish women’s futsal team is 18th on the world ranking list and the men’s futsal team is 17th on the list. During a futsal match, the players perform at high heart rates and the energy production is mainly anaerobic. The length of the average sprint performed by a male player is 7,8-13,0 meters and they can perform more than 20 during a match. The most important speed characteristics of a futsal player are maximum acceleration and change of direction speed. Speed is largely a hereditary trait in terms of muscle cell distribution. Other factors affecting individual speed are for example gender, coordination ability, skill characteristics, muscle strength, e...

Klimato kaitos aktyvistų komunikacija Lietuvoje

ID: 3653
Year: 2024
Products: Greta teksto yra pateikiamas TV3 televizijos žinių reportažas su vaizdai
Authors: Uldinskaitė, V;
Application: Environmental;
One of the key challenges in mitigating climate change is to bring about changes in policy, business and public behaviour. Climate change communication encompasses many disciplines, including psychology, highlighting the importance of effective communication between governments, businesses and a unified message about potential climate change communication solutions. Significant reductions in greenhouse gas emissions require a rapid transformation of energy systems over the next three decades, a task made more difficult by global economic interdependence and people's established lifestyles. This requires coherent business and policy strategies and active public participation. Despite the growing amount of information, the climate change discourse does not have a unified consensus and also often reflects divergent views. Many individuals, especially those with socio-economic privilege, resist accepting climate change because of the perceived emotional, intellectual and financial costs. H...

Tahtimallin rakentaminen ja hyödyntäminen rakennushankkeessa

ID: 3652
Year: 2024
Products: TV3
Authors: Koskivirta, T;
Application: ~
Tässä opinnäytetyössä tutkittiin Laakson yhteissairaala (LYS) -hankkeen päärakennuksen tahtituotannon tukemiseksi toteutettavia tahtimalleja, sekä luotiin tahtimallien testauksen dokumentointia varten tahtimalliraporttipohja. Se on tarkoitus ottaa käyttöön LYS-hankkeen työmaalla sekä myös laajemmin LYS-hankkeen päätoteuttajana toimivan SRV Rakennus Oy:n tulevissa hankkeissa, joissa tehdään tahtimalleja. Tämä opinnäytetyö toteutettiin perehtymällä tahtituotannon pohjana toimivaan Lean-teoriaan ja sen ajatus- sekä toimintamalleihin, Lean-rakentamisen ja tahtituotannon teoriaan, sekä haastattelemalla sairaalahankkeen parissa työskenteleviä henkilöitä. Työn tärkeimmät tavoitteet olivat tutkia, mikä on tahtimalli, miten sitä voidaan hyödyntää, mitä asioita tahtimallien rakentamisen dokumentointia varten kehitetyssä tahtimalliraporttipohjassa tulee olla ja laatia tahtimalliraporttipohja. Tahtimallin tietopohjana toimi hankkeen parissa työskentelevien ...

Deciphering the Complex Alteration Recorded in Primitive Asteroids

ID: 3651
Year: 2024
Products: Product Unavailable
Authors: Findlay, R;
Application: isotope;Laser;
CM chondrites are unequilibrated breccias sampling primitive asteroids altered by water-rock interactions. While much research has focused on bulk measurements, only tentative attempts have been made to elucidate the complex petrographic and O-isotopic heterogeneity at the clast and component scale utilising this high precision approach. Clasts of petrologic subtype CM1/2.0 - 2.8 were found in four falls and one very diverse find, LON 94101, the latter of which strengthens the case of a discrete parent body source for CM chondrites. The petrologic subtype of moderately altered clasts ranging from 2.2-2.6 appear to correlate well with variable ‘FeO’/SiO2 and Mg# compositions within their phyllosilicates, though this is poorly matched from meteorite to meteorite. Fully altered clasts (CM1/CM2.0) host an array of diverse textures ranging from dark, Mg-dominated matrix-rich clasts to those containing abundant chondrule pseudomorphs, comparable in large part to the diversity seen in CM2...

Monitoring Aerosols With Time Resolution With a Rotating Drum Sampler Using LA-ICPMS for Elemental Analysis

ID: 3650
Year: 2024
Products: Product Unavailable
Authors: Piorkowski, JV;
Application: Laser;
This thesis presents a comprehensive study on the characterization and application of a rotating drum sampler for air quality monitoring, with a focus on aerosol composition analysis using Laser Ablation Inductively Coupled Plasma Mass Spectrometry (LA-ICPMS). The study aimed to determine (1) the cut-off points of the drum sampler to better understand its performance characteristics and (2) to investigate indoor air quality, specifically within makerspaces on Bucknell University’s campus. The research highlighted the novelty of applying LA-ICPMS for time-resolved aerosol composition analysis, demonstrating the potential for low-cost pollution concentration studies. The characterization experiments did not yield expected results, but the results provided valuable insights into the sampler's operation and suggested improvements for future research. The indoor air quality monitoring did not reveal significant diurnal variations in metal aerosol concentrations, suggesting effective venti...

Hvordan samsvarer verdier for jodinntak målt ved ulike metoder? Resultater fra unge kvinner i MISA 2-undersøkelsen

ID: 3649
Year: 2024
Products: ESI-FAST SC2DX
Authors: Renå, CS;
Application: ~
Introduksjon: Utilstrekkelig jodinntak er et folkehelseproblem i flere land. Mange land i Europa og Norden har individer som er i risiko for mild til moderat jodmangel. Særlig fertile kvinner, gravide og ammende er i risiko. Jod er et sporstoff som er essensielt for thyreoideahormonene trijodtyrotyronin og tyroksin. Hormonene er involvert i reguleringen av metabolismen og er viktig for normal utvikling av hjernen og sentralnervesystemet. For lave nivåer av jod hos mor kan påvirke fosteret negativt. Mål: Hovedmålet med studien var og se på samsvar mellom et langt matvarefrekvensskjema (FFQ) og kostdagbok, samt undersøke samsvar mellom langt FFQ og jodkonsentrasjon i urin. Dette for å se om lagt FFQ kan brukes som et kartleggingsverktøy for estimering av jodinntak hos unge kvinner. I tillegg undersøkte vi om et kort FFQ også kan være et godt kartleggingsverktøy for estimering av jodinntak hos unge kvinner. Metode: 23 unge kvinner i alderen 18-30 år fullførte studien mellom...

Albitization and Amphiboles in the Idefjorden Terrane, Billdal: a geochemical study of Monzonite in SW Sweden

ID: 3648
Year: 2024
Products: gilent 8800QQQ ICP-MS with connected ESL213 laser a 91500 zircon
Authors: Johansson, E;
Application: Laser;
This Paper investigates and maps a rocky outcrop in southwestern Sweden previously mapped by the Swedish geological survey (SGU) as porphyritic granite intruded by a gabbro in the Billdal area of Västra Götalands municipality SW Sweden. As found by this paper the mineralogy is not consistent with existing SGU maps and is infract a monzonite containing large amounts of plagioclase and calcic amphiboles, exhibiting a petrology and chemistry consistent with a granite metamorphosed by hydrothermal fluids rich in sodium causing albitization and amphibolite facies metamorphism. This paper argues the metamorphism was driven by the heat produced by the nearby gabbro intrusion. A geochemical study of three nearby outcrops were performed along with U-pb dating with the purpose of accurately dating the outcrop and finding the boundary between the Hisingen suite and Kungsbacka bimodal zone. Although the U-Pb dating failed due to metamict samples a tentative pattern was found in zircon morphology...

ICP‐MS for Single‐Cell Analysis in Metallomics

ID: 3647
Year: 2024
Products: PFA MicroFlow
Authors: He, M;Chen, B;Hu, B;
Application: Cells;Species;Laser;
Due to the widespread existence of cell heterogeneity and diversity, the analysis of trace elements and their species in single cell is of great significance to metallomics study. Inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) is a powerful method for trace element quantification. With the data acquisition mode of time-resolved analysis (TRA), ICP-MS can be further used for cells counting and elemental/biomolecular quantification in single cells. The challenge of this strategy exists in sensitivity, selectivity, throughput, and ability in distinguishing individual cells. Various microfluidic chips/devices have been designed, fabricated, and on-line coupled with TRA-ICP-MS to achieve the goal. Moreover, the location and distribution of target analytes can be observed with the aid of laser ablation as sample introduction system for ICP. These methodologies have been employed for the investigation of endogenous elements/biomolecular in single cells and exogenous metal/nanoparticles...

GDPR Requirements for Biobanking Activities Across Europe

ID: 3646
Year: 2023
Products: elemental scientific
Authors: Duić, D;
Application: Clinical;
The book deals with the effective operation of the rules related to biomedical research and pays attention to the activities of the national legislatures of the 27 Member States in the field of scientific research. This multilevel system has an impact on biobanking activity. The book answers questions realized by operators on the main biobanks around the EU in the field of GDPR. The authors and editors used the questions born from brainstorming among members of the Association European, Middle East & Africa for Biopreservation and Biobanking (ESBB) to offer to the operators in biobanking activity and researchers quickly answer to their daily questions, but with authors highest quality. Further the book provides a comprehensive review of the rapidly expanding field of biobanking. It provides researchers and scholars working on biobanking and bio-sharing and more in general in the university hospitals and clinical trial consortiums, and companies, biomedical researchers, but also jurists...

Iodine availability of the child population in rural and urban settlements of Central Yakutia

ID: 3645
Year: 2024
Products: ESI SC-2 DX4 autosampler
Authors: Borisova, N;
Application: Urine;
The Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) belongs to the territories with pronounced iodine deficiency in nature and is characterized by a high prevalence of thyroid pathology among the population. Purpose of the work: assessment of iodine availability in the child population of Yakutia. Materials and methods. Preschool children (3 and 6 years old) of Yakutsk city and rural settlements of Yakutia were selected as the object of research. To assess the degree of iodine deficiency, the indicator of iodine excretion with urine was used. The level of urinary iodine excretion (ioduria) and the research of biomedium were determined for the content of 25 chemical elements by inductively coupled argon plasma mass spectrometry. Results. When analyzing the indicators of elemental composition of hair by territorial zones of the republic, iodine deficiency was noted in the 3rd position by prevalence. It was noted that the prevalence of iodine deficiency decreases from 62.15% in 3-year-old children to 10% in ...

Determination of metal ion transport rate of human ZIP4 using stable zinc isotopes

ID: 3644
Year: 2024
Products: elemental scientific
Authors: Jiang, Y;MacRenaris, K;O’Halloran, T;Hu, J;
Application: Cells;Drug;isotope;Laser;
The essential microelement zinc is absorbed in the small intestine mainly by the zinc transporter ZIP4, a representative member of the Zrt/Irt-like protein (ZIP) family. ZIP4 is reportedly upregulated in many cancers, making it a promising oncology drug target. To date, there have been no reports on the turnover number of ZIP4, which is a crucial missing piece of information needed to better understand the transport mechanism. In this work, we used a non-radioactive zinc isotope,70Zn, and inductively coupled plasma mass spectrometry (ICP-MS) to study human ZIP4 (hZIP4) expressed in HEK293 cells. Our data showed that70Zn can replace the radioactive65Zn as a tracer in kinetic evaluation of hZIP4 activity. This approach, combined with the quantification of the cell surface expression of hZIP4 using biotinylation or surface-bound antibody, allowed us to estimate the apparent turnover number of hZIP4 to be in the range of 0.08-0.2 s-1. The turnover numbers of the truncated hZIP4 variants ar...

Integrated Stress Response Triggered by Excessive Glycosylation Drives Thoracic Aortic aneurysm

ID: 3643
Year: 2024
Products: Fundacio La Marato TV3 grant 202334-31
Authors: Rochano-Ortiz, A;San Sebastian-Jaraba, I;Zamora, C;Simó, C;García-Cañas, V;Martínez-Albaladejo, S;Fernandez-Gomez, M;Velho, T;Ruíz-Rodríguez, M;Leal-Zafra, A;Gabandé, E;Martinez-Martinez, S;Guala, A;Lorenzo, Ó;Blanco-Colio, L;Martín-Ventura, J;Teixido-Tura, G;Forteza, A;Nistal, J;Redondo, J;Méndez-Barbero, N;Mittelbrunn, M;Oller, J;
Application: Serum;Blood;Tissue;
Thoracic aortic aneurysms and dissections (TAAD) are marked by degenerative changes in the aortic media. Marfan syndrome is the most common inherited connective tissue disorder associated with TAAD. While vascular smooth muscle cell (VSMC) metabolism is emerging as a targetable driver of aortic aneurysm, surgical interventions remain the primary strategy to prevent aortic dissection. Our research indicates that the hexosamine biosynthetic pathway (HBP), a branch of glycolysis, is upregulated in aortas from theFbn1C1041G/+Marfan Syndrome mouse model. Enhancing HBP activity promotes aortic dilation and accumulation glycan-rich extracellular matrix, contributing to aortic medial degeneration in wild-type mice. Mechanistically, fueling HBP activity induces VSMC dysfunction through excessive glycosylation, which activates the Integrated Stress Response (ISR). Pharmacological inhibition of HBP, along with ISR inhibition, successfully reverses aortic dilation and aortic medial degeneration in...

Rapid Analysis of Organic Contaminants in Semiconductor Process Chemicals and on Wafer Surfaces

ID: 3642
Year: 2024
Products: elemental scientific
Authors: Dufek, B;Ketkar, S;Herek, T;Unnerstall, J;Quarles, D;Uhlmeyer, K;Schultz, A;Wiederin, D;
Application: semiconductor;wafer;detection limits;
We have developed instrumentation to measure trace levels of organic contaminants in process chemicals and solvents used in semiconductor fabrication as well as organic contaminants in the residue that can be left behind on the surface of a semiconductor wafer. The instrument combines the high sensitivity detection of Electrospray Ionization (ESI) and accurate mass determination of Time of Flight Mass Spectrometer (TOF-MS) with advanced automation to enable the real time detection of trace organics. Detection limits in the low parts per trillion(ppt) can be achieved for detecting organic contaminants in process chemicals. For measuring organic contamination on wafer surfaces scanning technique like VPD analysis is used and detection limits of ~10 11 molecules/cm 2 can be achieved. This accomplishment meets the critical challenges related to analysis of organic contaminants outlined in the 2023 IRDS roadmap....

Extremely Advanced Substrate as an integrated Package Solution (iPaS) for Next Generation High Performance Computing (HPC) applications

ID: 3641
Year: 2024
Products: Low ESL;TV2
Authors: Kitamura, T;Furukawa, T;Yamada, S;Himeda, K;Yamamoto, A;
Application: semiconductor;
We have developed an extremely advanced substrate using polymer aluminum electrolytic capacitor technologies, which we call integrated Package Solution, or iPaS. This technology has high capacitance density (4.0 μF/mm 2 for the effective area) and built-in Plating Through Holes (PTHs) into capacitor array. Using iPaS, low-impedance for power delivery network can be achieved without other SMD-type components. As a result of prototyping, we confirmed high capacitance and low impedance with high quality. We propose to apply iPaS for power supply module board and semiconductor package substrate for high current density systems like High Performance Computing (HPC). We believe that this result contributes to realization of next generation power topologies such as vertical power delivery (VPD) or integrated voltage regulator (IVR)....

Chicken Geographical Origin Verification Via Multi-Elemental, Isotopic, Spectroscopic and Metabolomic Fingerprints

ID: 3640
Year: 2024
Products: 182 PFA (perfluoroalkoxy) nebulizer (Microflow ST Nebulizer,
Authors: Jandrić, Z;Zitek, A;Hood-Nowotny, R;Fischer, L;Schott, K;Watzinger, A;Kornfiend, S;Troyer, C;Hann, S;
Application: isotope;
Multi-elemental, isotopic, spectroscopic and metabolomic analyses, aimed to pinpoint the origin of chicken, aiding label verification from Austria and two importing countries. Stable isotope ratios of nitrogen and carbon distinguished samples from different farms in Austria, Hungary, and Germany (95% confidence). Varied carbon isotope values in fillets suggested diverse diets among farms, indicating maize-rich diets for Austrian chickens (HU), with descending corn levels for RA and TI (Austria), U1 and U2 (Hungary), and least in PL farm (Germany). Discriminant analysis showed superior chicken classification precision and accuracy through elemental (94.6% and 97.7%), MicroNIR (81.1% and 93.2%), and amino acids analysis (82.3% and 85.9%). Merging elemental and isotopic data improved overall model performance to 95.7%, and 98.3%, respectively. Carbon stable isotopes proved effective in verifying maize-fed chicken, aiding fraud detection, while NIR handheld devices, particularly MicroNIR, ...

Release of Chemicals and Microplastic Particles from Diverse Plastic Consumer Products into Water Under Accelerated Uv Weathering Conditions

ID: 3639
Year: 2024
Products: ESI SC-4 DX FAST autosampler
Authors: Menger, F;Römerscheid, M;Lips, S;Klein, O;Nabi, D;Gandrass, J;Joerss, H;Wendt-Potthoff, K;Bedulina, D;Zimmermann, T;Schmitt-Jansen, M;Huber, C;Böhme, A;Ulrich, N;Beck, A;Pröfrock, D;Achterberg, E;Jahnke, A;Hildebrandt, L;
Application: Environmental;EPA;
Photodegradation of plastic consumer products is known to accelerate weathering and facilitate release of chemicals and plastic particles into the environment. However, these processes are complex. Here, eight plastic consumer products were leached in distilled water under exposure to strong ultraviolet (UV) light simulating eight months of Central European climate and compared to their respective dark controls (DCs). The leachates and formed plastic particles were characterized using a range of chemical analytical tools to describe degradation and leaching processes. These techniques covered (a) microplastic analysis, showing substantial liberation of plastic particles further increased under UV exposure, (b) non-targeted mass spectrometric characterization of the leachates, revealing several hundreds of chemical features with typically only minor agreement between the UV exposure and the corresponding DCs, (c) target analysis of 71 organic analytes, of which 15 could be detected in a...

Megafauna Mobility: Assessing the Foraging Range of an Extinct Macropodid, from Central Eastern Queensland, Australia

ID: 3638
Year: 2024
Products: 200 ESL™ 193 nm ArF excimer laser, equipped with a TV2 cell
Authors: Laurikainen Gaete, C;Dosseto, A;Arnold, L;Demuro, M;Lewis, R;Hocknull, S;
Application: Species;isotope;Laser;
For extant megafaunal herbivores, it has been demonstrated that large body size provides the potential for greater geographic range. Although this trend is prominent in extant placental mammals, it has not been readily examined in Australia’s extinct megafaunal marsupials. Here we use strontium isotopes (87Sr/86Sr) in fossil enamel of specimens from Mt Etna Caves, central-eastern Queensland, to estimate home range in the extinct giant wallaby, Protemnodon. Fossil ages are also determined using in-situ uranium-thorium and single-grain TT-OSL dating. TT-OSL and U-Th ages are in agreement with previous site chronologies narrowing the range for fossil deposition between 210 - 330 ka. Generally, 87Sr/86Sr ratios in Protemnodon enamel have values similar to the Sr isotope composition of the Mount Etna Beds limestone (the formation that hosts Mt Etna Caves) suggesting individuals foraged close to where remains were deposited. Restricted foraging is somewhat unexpected, considering Protemnod...

Effects of Dietary And/Or Parental Supplementation with Selenium and Mercury on Their Localization in Rainbow Trout Fry Tissues (Oncorhynchus Mykiss) by Quantitative La-Icp Ms Imaging

ID: 3637
Year: 2024
Products: NWR 213
Authors: Labeyrie, L;Fontagné-Dicharry, S;mounicou, s;
Application: Biological;
The increasing use of alternative feeds for sustainable aquaculture leads to a reduction in their selenium content requiring the use of supplements to maintain the antioxidant status of farmed fish. The introduction of tuna by-products in fish feed is attractive for their selenium content, but the presence of mercury limits their use as it may negatively impact fish health. Indeed, selenium and mercury metabolism, in relation to their interaction and biological effects in fish, is far from being fully understood. This study aims to assess the impact of parental and dietary supplementation with selenomethionine and methylmercury on selenium and mercury localization and concentrations in tissues of 3-week rainbow trout fry. Broodstock were fed a plant-based diet (containing 0.2 µg.g-1 selenium and 0 µg.g-1 mercury ) or a tuna by-product-based diet (containing 4 µg.g-1 selenium and 0.2 µg.g-1 mercury) during 6 months, supplemented or not with 4 µg.g-1 of selenomethionine and/or with ...

Hesitation at Increasing Integration: The Techno-Economic-Political Feasibility (TEPF) of Norway Expanding Cross-Border Electricity Interconnection to Europe

ID: 3636
Year: 2024
Products: TV2
Authors: Silvester, B;
Application: ~
Norway is rich in renewable energy resources. Should it expand its current capacities and send more electricity cross-border it could contribute significantly to balancing the increasing share of intermittent and variable renewables in Europe’s energy mix. With much depending on the next decades’ energy developments, this article considers the feasibility of Norway expanding electricity interconnection to assist decarbonisation in Europe. To support the analysis, a techno-economic-political feasibility (TEPF) framework for assessing the feasibility of specified transition scenarios is proposed. Key components of the Norwegian case are derived from the rejection of the 1400 MW NorthConnect cable in 2020 and the more recent impacts of Europe’s energy crisis (2021-2023) and Russia’s invasion of Ukraine (2022-) on electricity prices. While technological and economic concerns are important, such as grid reinforcement and investments in new generation capacities, the prospect of incr...

Characterization of Typical Transuranic Nuclides in a Reference Fallout Material Using Sf-Icp-Ms

ID: 3635
Year: 2024
Products: APEX-Q 99 high-efficiency sample introduction system
Authors: Yang, B;Zheng, J;Yang, G;Qin, N;Tagami, K;Uchida, S;
Application: isotope;
For the quality control in determining transuranic nuclides in fallout samples, this work first reported the 237Np activity concentration in a reference fallout material and further calculated the activity ratios of 237Np /239+240Pu and 237Np/241Am, and the atom ratio of 237Np/239Pu in it. The 237Np and Pu isotopes were separated and purified using AG MP-1M anion-exchange resin, quantified using 242Pu as an isotope dilution tracer, and determined by the SF-ICP-MS. The analytical method was validated by the analysis of 4 sediment reference materials. The activity concentrations of 237Np, 239Pu and 240Pu were (25.9 ± 0.6) × 10-3, 4.10 ± 0.01 and 2.89 ± 0.04 Bq/kg, respectively, in the investigated reference fallout material. The activity ratio of 237Np/239+240Pu (3.7 ± 0.1) × 10-3 was consistent with the global fallout evaluation value. Comparison of the 237Np/239+240Pu activity ratios between in the reference fallout material and in soils over several decades indicated that 237Np ...

Characterization of Residual-Resistance-Ratio of Cu Stabilizer in Commercial Rebco Tapes

ID: 3634
Year: 2024
Products: Product Unavailable
Authors: Lu, J;Xin, Y;Toplosky, V;Levitan, J;Han, K;Wadhams, J;Humayun, M;Abraimov, D;Bai, H;Zhang, Y;
Application: ~
Residual-resistance-ratio (RRR) of Cu stabilizer in REBCO coated conductor is an important design parameter for REBCO magnets. Cu stabilizer with high RRR is especially beneficial for quench protections of REBCO magnets. In this work, we study RRR of electroplated Cu stabilizer in commercial REBCO tapes. We present RRR of over 180 samples measured for the quality assurance programs of REBCO magnet projects at the National High Magnetic Field Laboratory, USA (NHMFL). To investigate the factors that influence RRR, several samples were analyzed extensively by using scanning electron microscopy, secondary ion mass spectroscopy, and inductively coupled plasma mass spectroscopy. We found that RRR is strongly correlated with the grain size of Cu, which suggests that resistivity at low temperatures is dominated by grain boundary resistivity. In addition, low RRR corresponds to high concentration of chlorine impurity. This is explained by that higher chlorine impurity hindered the grain growth ...

First Archaeometric Distinction between Turquoise Sources in Pre-Hispanic Contexts of the South-Central Andes: Mina Las Turquesas (Chile) and Cueva Inca Viejo (Argentina)

ID: 3633
Year: 2024
Products: auto-sampler
Authors: Horta Tricallotis, H;Rojas, L;Westfall, C;Guzmán, N;Coloca, F;López, G;
Application: isotope;
This paper presents the initial comparative findings of archaeometric analyses conducted for turquoise provenance determination involving samples from two distinct mining sources as well as mineral elements recovered from archaeological sites located in Chile and Argentina. It summarizes the outcomes of initial, collaborative, and interdisciplinary binational research combining the fields of Archaeology and Chemistry. The primary aim was to discern potential disparities between turquoise specimens originating from the Atacama Desert, in Chile, and the Puna of Salta region in Argentina, which could indicate variations between the South Andean mineral sources and the origin of artifactual evidence made of turquoise. The samples analyzed included mineral fragments pertaining to the prehistoric mining site Mina Las Turquesas in El Salvador (Atacama Region, Chile), a selection of minerals and beads from funerary goods from San Pedro de Atacama (Antofagasta Region, Chile), and samples recove...