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Preconcentration & Matrix Removal Systems

prepFAST MC – High Precision Isotopic Analysis

The prepFAST MC systems are fully automated, low pressure chromatography units that isolate elements of interest from the sample matrix and collect multiple discrete eluent fractions for precise isotopic analysis. The syringe-driven systems allow for sample loading, multiple acid washes, column conditioning and elution cycles, all at user-defined intervals (time, volume and flow rate).

prepFAST MC Capabilities:

  • Fully automated - software and computer included
  • Multiple fractions
  • Stand alone system runs 24 hrs unattended
  • User defined:
    • sample sizes
    • elution volume
    • wash/load/elute rates
Rack Location

4DX top view with locations

The prepFAST MC is the standard platform for automated matrix removal and isolation of individual elements. It can utilize 1 or 2 columns in parallel and perform sequential separation of a sample in 45 minutes.


  • High throughput (45 min per sample)
  • Flexible vial and rack configuration

Up to 2 columns inline
prepFAST MC Features Diagram

The prepFAST MC-SR™ is ideal for special applications where an unused resin bed is required and the column can not be reused (e.g. nuclear forensic). The system packs resin slurry into a patented column design, performs fully automated chromatography, and then unpacks the column to a dedicated waste stream.


  • High throughput (60-120 min per sample)
  • Actinide and radionuclide applications
  • Flexible vial and rack configuration
  • Automated packing/unpacking of columns

2 columns inline
prepFAST MC-SR Features Diagram

prepFAST MC Column Separation - U & Pu

prepFAST MC Column Speciation

prepFAST MC Column Separation - Sr & Ca

prepFAST MC Column Speciation

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