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prepFAST Ultrapure Chemicals Systems

Automated Analysis for Ultrapure Semiconductor Grade Chemicals

Eliminate manual handling of samples to deliver the lowest possible detection limits with increased operator safety.
prepFAST S

Complete Automation of Ultrapure Semiconductor Chemicals

  • Introduction of pure semiconductor chemicals
  • Automated sample sensing
  • Automated syringe-driven sample introduction
  • Ultraclean sample preparation
  • PPT/PPQ detection limits for all semiconductor elements

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Benchtop System for Ultrapure Semiconductor Chemicals

  • Automatically create calibration curves - External or MSA
  • Calibrate to single digit ppt - From single 1 ppb stock standard
  • Integrated chemically-resistant Fluoronetic Autosampler
  • Configurable with many PFA sample containers

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Automated PPQ Metals Determination

  • Matrix removal & preconcentration
  • PPQ detection limits for analysis of UPW, 30% H2O2 and IPA
  • PPT/PPQ detection limits for all semiconductor elements
  • Automated MSA calibration
  • Automated inline dilution

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Determination of Organic Contaminants

  • Introduction of pure semiconductor chemicals
  • Automated calibration: matrix-matched or standard addition
  • Automated inline dilution
  • Ultra-high mass resolution
  • Includes TOF-MS or QTOF-MS
  • Easy-to-use software with built in dynamic library

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